Orn.io – New 3D Browser MMO IO Game


Orn.io is a new addicting io game, and a 3D browser MMO where you roll around as a ball, and your objective is to roll over smaller balls and consume them. There are different skins you can get, by naming yourself things like “earth”, “moon”, or “usa”. You can control yourself with WASD and rotate using the mouse, or you can hold your left mouse button down and rotate the mouse to move as well (which I find more comfortable.

Here is a video of orn.io gameplay:

And here is a screenshot of what it looks like to play this io game in browser:

braains.io – Zombie Shooter Browser MMO (.io game)

braains.io gameplay screeny
braains.io gameplay


Braains.io is a cool zombie shooter io game with many game modes, and different play styles. It is created by m0de, who is also the developer of krew.io, a penguin cannon 3D io game. In braains, you play as an infected zombie, or a survivor. If you are a zombie, your goal is to infect as many survivors as possible by catching them and biting them. If you are a survivor, your goal is to outlast the zombies until the timer runs out, and shoot them or hurt them if they even try to get close.

The controls in this game aren’t easy to figure out, you have to use WASD to walk and left click to attack with your weapon if you are a survivor. Or simply get close to the survivors if you are a zombie to bite em. Also, the graphics are quite pixelated, but I’m sure that these things will be fixed in the future (I hope!).


sharkz io screenshot
sharkz io screenshot


Sharkz.io is an io multiplayer game where you play as a shark, and kill smaller sharks, and have many level up options. It’s a play on the old age concept fish eat fish, where a large fish gets eaten by a smaller fish (“there is always a bigger fish”).

It’s pretty fun, though the distorted graphics and 8-bit pixel art is unusual and strange at first, its a pretty cool twist on an io game.

sharkz.io game screenshot

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