Orn.io – New 3D Browser MMO IO Game


Orn.io is a new addicting io game, and a 3D browser MMO where you roll around as a ball, and your objective is to roll over smaller balls and consume them. There are different skins you can get, by naming yourself things like “earth”, “moon”, or “usa”. You can control yourself with WASD and rotate using the mouse, or you can hold your left mouse button down and rotate the mouse to move as well (which I find more comfortable.

Here is a video of orn.io gameplay:

And here is a screenshot of what it looks like to play this io game in browser:

Dodgeballs.io – A free for all multiplayer dodgeball io game



Dodgeballs.io is a new multiplayer io game that is essentially the classic game of dodgeball, except free for all and online. You pick up balls that are scattered around the area, and throw them at other players. If you get hit by another players ball, you die. Your score is how many players you killed, and the person with the most kills without dying is the highest on the leaderboards. This game was surprisingly addicting, even though it is fairly new.

Slither.io – The Biggest io Game Since Agar.io



Slither.io was the next huge io game hit after Agar.io. You are a snake, and you eat small shiny cells, and kill other players by cutting off other snakes (players) and eating all of the mass that is left behind after they die. Tip: The best are is around the edges of the map when you are small. Eat other snakes that get caught out of position and are easy prey. Try to protect your snake’s head because whenever you collide with someone, you die, they kill you, and they eat your remains. A good tactic is to look for other players that are tangled up and try to wrap around them and surround them, so they can’t get out.

Agar.io – The Game That Started the “io Games” Craze

The game that started the io game craze, agar.io, is the must play classic io game!

The point is to get as big as possible and attack other players. You play as a cell and explore the map eating food cells. The more you eat, the bigger you get. You can attack and eat other players as long as they are smaller than you, but you need to watch out for bigger players as they will try to eat you. It’s easy to learn and hard to master, which made it the viral sensation which exploded the io games scene.

io games agar.io 2
io games agar.io 2
io games agar.io 3
io games agar.io 3

mope.io – One of the most fun .io games you have ever seen! Move up the food chain in the io animal kingdom!

mope.io io games


Mope.io – Begin as a mouse, and find berries to eat. Eat from the berry bushes to gain experience points and grow stronger, and drink water to stay hydrated – otherwise you will die of dehydration. But more importantly, watch out for predators who are trying to eat you. As you eat more and more, you will progress up the food chain, and will be able to eat animals that are below you on the food chain. You evolve into a new, more powerful animal every time you gain enough experience, and are able to eat the lower level animals. The more powerful you become, the more players you can attack, and the stronger your character becomes!

Mope.io is a great io game, which you should try out if you like the io games genre.

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